Sorry - Lee Seung Hwan (Cheongdamdong Alice OST)

Romanized Lyrics:

I’m sorry jamsi magaseoyo hoksi
Nae sangcheoe geudae yeoksi
Oeropge useupge gaseum han kyeone hangsang
Nunmureul damaduge hal sun eobseoyo
Geudaeyeo naege ojimaseyo imi dadadueotjyo
Daseuriji mot hal maeumeun nae geosi anijyo
I’m sorry nan ttak geu mankeumin saram
Geudaeyeo naege ojimaseyo nareul dopjimaseyo
Nugudo ol sudo gal sudo eomneun nareul
Nal bomyeo geuriupge utji marayo
Geudae geureoke saneun yaegido marajwoyo
Oeropge useupge gaseum han kyeonen hangsang
Geudaeyeo naege ojimaseyo dadeul
Geu kkeuteul aljyo amudo malharyeo haji anheul ppunijyo
Sarangeun eonjena buranhaeyo hamulmyeo bulssanghajyo
Gyeolguk naega saranghan geon nayeonneunjido moreujyo
I’m sorry na gateun ge museun sarang…

English Lyrics:

I’m sorry – block yourself from me for a moment
In case my scars get to you
Lonely and ridiculous, in a corner of your heart
I can’t have you filled up with tears
My dear, don’t come to me, I’m already shut down
A heart that cannot be subdued is not what is mine
I’m sorry, that’s just the person I am
My dear, don’t come to me, don’t help me
No one can come to me or leave me
Don’t longingly smile at me
Don’t tell me stories of how you live either
Lonely and ridiculous, in a corner of your heart
My dear, don’t come to me
Everyone knows the end but they’re just saying it
Love is always nervous, moreover, it’s pitiful
Maybe what I loved in the end was just myself
I’m sorry, I don’t deserve to be in love


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